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Adult Life Support

Adult Life Support (With Defibrillator)

This course gives confidence to a lay bystander to deal with a situation at a scene of an adult casualty who has gone into cardiac arrest, giving them the appropriate resuscitation chest compression and ventilation. This course also explains the allowance made for the rescuer who is unable or unwilling to perform rescue breaths. This course is designed for candidates who wish to be trained in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) machine

Aims of the Course

  • assess an incident and for danger
  • how to open an airway and check for breathing
  • how to deal with an unconscious casualty
  • how to recognise a casualty who is not breathing normally
  • how to perform CPR on a non breathing casualty
  • how the heart and defibrillation works
  • how to check and maintain an AED machine
  • checks to be made before using an AED
  • demonstrate the use of an AED
  • demonstrate the use of an AED with CPR when on own
  • demonstrate the use of an AED with CPR in pairs

Course duration: Approximately 3 hours

Course certification

On successful completion of this Adult Life Support Training course participants will be awarded an Basic Life Support attendance certificate.

Course location

Adult Life Support courses can be delivered in your workplace nationwide.

£350 + VAT for a group of up to 12. Contact us for this course or for courses consisting of fewer people. These prices are set for courses taken within the Home Counties. Courses in London or further afield may differ in price. First Aid manuals and workbooks are provided.